Bind9 slave server not updating

Doing install, the installation process will create a user called bind, which should be used to run bind with.

Some directories, will therefor need to have permissions for the bind as user or group after the chroot change.

Reason: Administrator could not configure a slave DNS server as it cannot function properly unless SOA serial number is changed every time a DNS record is changed.

Result (if any): bind-dyndb-ldap plugin used to provision data from Identity Management DNS tree to the BIND Name Server updates DNS zone SOA serial number every time when the DNS zone or its record is modified, thus allowing Administrators to configure a slave DNS server for zones managed by Identity Management.

Every time we get email, access a web page, make a Vo IP call, or complete many other tasks, we use the Domain Name System (DNS).Note: There are some issues with this Howto, too numerable to fix quickly, and it requires bringing up to standard. in all other places, the document uses the machine name example ns.I'm mentioning this to help anyone to avoid the unnecessary time trying to resolve their DNS, owing the the inconsistencies in this document, particularly if you're new to DNS configuration. Here it changes to box (I believe the author was simply trying to show that additional computers would be listed, but failed to use a different address for box.Feature: Automatically increase SOA serial number when a DNS zone managed by Identity Management any record in the zone is updated.This feature takes advantage of and requires persistent search data refresh mechanism, which is enabled by default in the Identity Management server install script.

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