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An upgraded camera strap will be more comfortable for hauling your gear long distances or about town; can support more weight safely; is more stable, to prevent the camera from banging around as you move; will allow you to get a camera to your eye faster; and can up your photographer street cred.

Our pick, the Black Rapid Sport has been discontinued and is no longer widely available.

This is just one of a few vintage Omega watches currently shown in our vintage case.Holding her bikini top, she checks she hasn’t accidentally exposed herself.The camera man laughs, as she says sarcastically: “That’s the ab workout.”“You could have told me! Not put off by the water, she restarts her workout. But the waves come back again and she’s forced to stop.I've seen tons of photos and would love the opportunity, so I'm trying to see about a trip to Paris within the next few (2-3) years.So, I think that pictures of beautiful places can energize photographers to want to explore new places, or to be like "Hey, that's a cool place" or "that's a cool shot... I'll go there and hide my D700 and D500 under my shirt or jacket and take secret photos.

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