Dating concert pianist

Out of nowhere the door gets kicked open and Mr Morgan comes in and drags me off the piano stool.‘As I leave the music room I see the headmaster coming into the atrium area and collapsing onto the floor, with blood everywhere.Mr Morgan was trying to shelter me, and he took me to a safe place and then just said “Go”.During this time he was travelling to study the piano privately with Vaughan Williams, Khachaturian, Vlado Perlemuter and Aaron Copland.Few homes in the Rhondda boast a grand piano, but a baby Bechstein was an essential item of furniture in the terraced house he shared with his wife in Ferndale. He was the least egotistical, the most generous and modest of men.

Before a show at the Milton Keynes Bowl, Mercury got into a massive argument with his current beau, Bill Reid, that culminated with Reid biting Mercury’s hand so hard that it left teeth marks and bled profusely.

It was not only the most celebrated vocalists of the opera house and concert hall who could testify to his consummate musical skills, he was also a great enabler: he taught young musicians how they might become better than they had dreamt of being. He was a product of the south Wales coalfield, both in his short, portly physique, and in his character.

Born in the 1930s to a coalminer and his wife, he inherited the values born of the trials and tribulations of the Depression.

He had been practicing the piano when the tragic incident occurred in 1995, and only avoided being caught up in the fracas himself because a teacher rushed him to safety.

To this day, he can still recall seeing father-of-four Mr Lawrence – who had stepped in to help a 13-year-old pupil – ‘collapse on the floor’ with ‘blood everywhere’.

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