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“The scenario included the speedy seizure of northern Norway, the Åland islands…,the Swedish island of Gotland and the Danish island of Bornholm,” the report reads.

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Read more July 10—On July 7, in Manhattan, a conference titled, “Food for Peace & Thought—China-U. Agricultural Cooperation,” brought together an audience of some two hundred people, to hear twelve presentations on agriculture and economic science, with a focus on supporting collaboration between China and the United States, for a “win-win” drive internationally, to once and for all end poverty and hunger anywhere in the world, and lift up life for all peoples.

“If we uncover the top layer, we see the walls of old Königsberg,” he told the paper.

“That's what we want to dig up and we're being helped by Polish, Russian and German archaeologists.” Though the buildings would appear outwardly historic, Sarnitz wants to outfit them with modern interiors adapted to 21st century life.

Sarnitz even hired a computer-game company to create a simulation of the reconstructed old town, where Königsberg's most famous resident – the philosopher Immanuel Kant – strolls through the winding pixelated streets.

The ambitious architect is banking on support from the Kremlin, and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, whose wife comes from Kaliningrad, has reportedly backed rebuilding the town's historic castle.

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