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My wife Patricia and I have been married for four glorious years.Patty is twenty five years old, five feet tall, one hundred five pounds soaking wet with a beautiful set of natural 36C's most men only see in their dreams.Her tits are so firm she routinely goes without wearing a bra and always turns heads as she enters a room.Most men would say she was a women who could stop traffic.Basement (141) The Basement is reserved for our B & D members - you WANT to go to the basement, you MUST go to the basement, you WILL go to the basement...If you're looking for quick, kinky sex, please use another room!With a wide age range, this can be a lot harder than it sounds.

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Her nipples are almost always noticeable even when she wears a bra.I'm not a hairy guy and I routinely do a little man scaping to keep everything neat and trim.I consider my cock above average in size as I'm about eight inches long and thick enough that my wife needs both hands to handle it.At least that’s what I heard from various people, and from her when she had drunk a bit too much.She admitted that she ran with a “crazy” crowd, and had “hooked up” with almost all the guys in it.

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