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They picked children up from schools and care homes and trafficked them across northern cities for other men to join in the fun.

The men — all charged as part of the National Crime Agency’s Operation Stovewood — appeared at Sheffield Crown Court on Wednesday (July 19) where they denied all the charges.

If South Yorkshire Police can mount a raid on Sir Cliff Richard’s home in pursuit of evidence linked to a single allegation of child sex abuse 30 years ago, why were South Yorkshire Police incapable of pursuing multiple allegations against multiple men who raped 1,400 children over 16 years? Consider the weight of that number, feel its tragic heft.

Picture 50 junior-school classes of little girls in Rotherham, once a respectable northern town, now a byword for depravity.

Members of the public are welcome to contact IPSO at any time if they are not sure how to proceed, or need advice on how to frame a complaint.

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