Teairra mari dating soulja boy

She wanted to let Ray J know just how much he hurt her.Plus, she would like the expensive bag he bought her back.Morgan wants to run the idea past Ray as he’ll be working the event as well, but she’s quickly persuaded not to bother…and why should she? Across town, Fizz is trying to take his old friend Omarion’s mind off the fact that his mother is a whole bag of crazy.

I know what you’re thinking: Who still obsesses over Ray J in 2014? In any event, and Ray have been dating “off, on, and on for nine years.” That is, until she “saw them hoes’ pictures in his phone”—resulting in Ray J subsequently being “caught with a right hook.” Ray J’s assistant substantiated those remarks by reminding Ray, who invited acts up at Ray J’s blog party, the two meet up in a parking lot—probably because Ray might need witnesses for police statements that may need to be filed.

Ray J is the person Safaree has come to for advice, jokingly asking Safaree if he wanted to walkie-talkie with him for advice on how to handle Nikkii. Soulja Boy also got in on it and they gave that man the worst advice and Twitter is still going in.

Read the tweets about Ray J below: Follow Rickelle Lee on Twitter @rickellelee_.

She didn’t get it last night, but upon arriving to Ray’s party, Ray’s new girl informed her that she went into the bag and snapped shots of its contents, which included Mari to not only boast about swinging on Ray J, but threatening to do it again.

That’s how people–male or female–end up knocked out.

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