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This includes what specific device you have (with older devices not able to support the new update), where you live, what mobile operator or service provider you're with, and if you have any specific installed software.

The use of "scheduled" also suggests that the rollout may yet still get delayed if the update is not ready to set live on April 25th.

Actually you will have to get an app to check this and upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile.

This app is similar to ‘Get Windows 10’ app for PCs and checks eligibility of your device and enables the upgrade.

reports that a small subset of Windows phones will receive the update, despite the beta release being open to a number of devices.

That's not entirely surprising, especially because not every Lumia handset got the Windows 10 upgrade last year, but it will still disappoint the small number of Windows phone users expecting updates.

Also, the news you are referring to does not relate to any official statements or other verifiable sources The link @mb47 provided have my phone on the list... I want to have it like I got in my 8.1 [email protected] in order to receive the update to Windows 10 mobile you need to have installed on your phone the Lumia Denim update.

now question is that when my phone will check for this update??? Your phone will receive the update to Windows 10 mobile when it will be available, depending on your country and mobile operator, late this [email protected] Durando Yes, there are more than 30 phones that are supported by Windows Insider program, and even my Lumia 625 supports it.

Microsoft confimred the news in a Windows blog post, stating that, "Windows Phone will follow the same phased approach, with rollout scheduled to begin April 25." However the company did add that the availability of the update may vary depending on a number of factors.

Whatever the schedule, Microsoft, against all reason, has continued plugging away, and Mobile Insider builds have appeared as frequently as those for the much more popular PC versions of Windows 10.

The hope now is that Microsoft will have effectively brought Windows 10 Mobile up to speed, somewhat, with its PC-based sibling for version 1607.

Microsoft's much-maligned mobile platform is about to get a major upgrade that could see it start to claw back some of the market share it has lost over the past few years.

That's because Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 Creators Update is set to rollout to mobile devices on April 25th.

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