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1905 • CONDITION: near mint • NIB: fine flex • 00 Click here for more images 12173: Waterman 522: black hard rubber taper-cap, full London-hallmarked 9K solid gold fine barleycorn overlay, 15 cm long, patent imprint on feed, early imprint on #2 New York nib, no number on end of barrel as is usual for English-marked Watermans; overlay is crisp, initials engraved in barrel cartouche, slight seam opening (see details). 1907 • CONDITION: exc* • NIB: fine flex • 00 Click here for more images 13094: Waterman token/gaming counter: off-white, 4 cm in diameter, composition material, some usage chips.Other colors were virtually unknown until the discovery of a few small caches several years ago. With all of the above, it's an early 20th century eye-catcher. This is a CF from the original 50's issue, not the 80's re-introduction. 2 imprints on barrel, one on the center and one near the top, plus the usual "54" on the top. The barrel end number is still there, although it's not 'crisp'. AND, this cf comes with one of those super hard to find CF converters. There is no chasing on this pen and there never was any. 5 ITEM #5052: WATERMANs 54 IN BLACK CHASED HARD RUBBER w/FLEX #4 14K MEDIUM NIB. I've never seen the pencil these fit in, but if you have one, here are some refills for it, along with a cool box. Waterman sleeve-fillers are uncommon in any size, but are almost never seen in sizes larger than #5.10903: Waterman 402: slender black hard rubber straight cap eyedropper-filler, sterling silver overlay in fine barleycorn pattern, full London hallmarks with date letter for 1904/5; 14.35 cm long, Waterman globe logo on posting end nice and legible, "Eva" engraved in barrel cartouche.Although we have seen several examples of standard Ink-Vue demonstrators, which are rare, we have never heard of another demonstrator version of the short-lived 5116.

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Waterman pump-fillers are hard to find, but are truly rare in mottled. 1910 • CONDITION: G* • NIB: fine flex • 0 Click here for more images 10974: Waterman 412 SF: black hard rubber clipless sleeve-filler with sterling silver "Filigree" overlay, 13.3 cm long, #2 New York nib is smooth and lively, number at end of barrel is worn away, sleeve overlay bears initials and date. 1911 • CONDITION: VG • NIB: fine flex • 00 Click here for more images 11590: Waterman 18 SF: extremely rare black chased hard rubber sleeve-filler, 15.4 cm long; well-used, with sleeve imprint barely visible, chasing worn, two cracks in cap lip stabilized by insertion of a metal ring inside the cap (see details), surface of hard rubber has been chemically reblackened.

I won't engage in the old standard argument about whether this is a Red Ripple or Rosewood; You decide from the photos. Overlay is nice and crisp with NO BRASSING OR DENTS. BHR color is dark, shiny black and uniform, with no change in shades where the cap overlaps the barrel. 0 Finally, this is what is being modeled here: ITEM #5288: WATERMAN'S CF FOUNTAIN PEN, BLACK W/ GOLD FILLED TRIM AND INLAY ON SECTION. You couldn't see it in a photo; it's too small of a detail. Hard to find convertors that fit the original 50's vintage and the 80's vintage ("CLASSIC") Waterman's CF pens. I could call this MINT NOS condition except for the fact that is it has a not deep at all personalization in gold paint, "E. But it DOES still have a large, elaborate gold / red price sticker that hasn't been written-on or torn.

0 ITEM #5317: WATERMAN’s 0552 WITH GOLD FILLED GOTHIC OVERLAY ON BLACK HARD RUBBER. It has no seals and no slit in the gold plated nib, and no ink channel in the feed, so it isn't intended to write, but it's spectacular to look at and watch it work as the nib/feed unit travels smoothly out and then back in. ITEM #4923: WATERMANS RED, RIBBED, TRIPLE BAND PENCIL. nice clarity with a tight, 5/8" un-opened verticle stress crack in the cap, not near the lip, band, or clip, noticable only because of the translucent plastic used. Besides the CF pens, hese fit the "Lady" named smaller pens, including the Lady Patricia, but be careful; they won't fit the larger PATRICIAN, which is part of the Le Man line, if you are fortunate enough to have one of those.

Medium, wet writing, 14K Waterman's IDEAL NEW YORK #6 nib has recently been re-tipped by Greg Minuskin and feels really good when you're writing with it. ITEM #4356: REFILLS FOR WATERMAN'S CHECKING PENCIL, #28 (RED). ITEM #3006: WATERMAN 0515 POC EYEDROPPER FILLING FOUNTAIN PEN.

101: one of Waterman's earliest self-fillers, and so rare that most advanced collectors have never seen a complete example; construction is all-aluminum, with a hard rubber press-fit section assembly, sleeve rotates rather than slides to expose filler bar; this example is new old stock, and the hardened sac is preserved with the pressure bar laced in place exactly according to the William Ferris patent 799,897 of 1905 (Ferris' patent 950,817 of 1910 is the one covering the usual Waterman sleeve-filler design); 14 cm long, superficial shop wear, "PAT. The black version has long been known, as it was mentioned in a 1908 advertisement as a promotional item, a good luck token.

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