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I sneak away to pee when no one is around, and sometimes run water in the sink to cover up the sound. I've done a lot of things that step away from what we're told is “normal” sex and I've enjoyed every moment. Without taking away from the fact that some people find it all an extreme turn on, I cannot actually imagine myself being able to even consider those as something I could involve myself in.It's like being spanked or any kind of sub act. It's the ultimate arousal” - John“I love it as part of 'age play'. I'm hers and she's mine and I guess it's a bit like marking territory.” - David Another thing I found out that I'd never really thought about before is that getting started on your golden shower journey is not as easy as you'd think.Peeing Cupid is the web’s premier pee dating and pissing personals site.Unlike other adult dating sites we specialise only in peeing.

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